Publishing a POI

Your POIs are accessible by you only when logged into your account. If you designate a POI as public, it will become available on a special web address for everbody who know this adress. You can send this address to friends to provide them descriptions of places (e.g.: meet me here).

You can publish POIs in Menu - Publish POI, or when in POI edit mode (checkbox Publish).

Function Menu - Publish POI also offers immediate sending of public POI addresses via email or SMS.

To cancel publishing, uncheck the box in POI editing mode, which will make the public address become invalid.

If you get the public URL from someone else's POI, you can view it on the web, or directly in POI pocket.

It is also possible to share more tahn one POI simultaneously, but at until now, this function is only supported by the web application of POI pocket.