POI groups

POI groups are used to associate POIs, which are linked or related to each other or share a common feature - like when they pertain to the same trip, holiday, etc.. Use POI groups when putting together the itinerary of places you want to visit in one and the same trip.

POI groups can have a title and description, the specific order of POIs in that group can be changed.

One POI can be multiplied and thus be contained in the same POI group multiple times. By doing so, you can build an itinerary in which the identical position is crossed/passed by along the route several times.

Like a POI, a POI group can also be either private or public. Public groups are available to a specific address (indicated by the group) and display POIs which in turn are also public. This is because when you create public groups, every POI included in this group is automatically transferred to public. If one of those POIs is redesignated "private" at a later stage, this POI will no longer be visible to the public address in the group.

In the list of POIs you can search for a POI by its group's title (by typing the POI group title into the search box).

To create a new POI group, check all POI and in the right section of the screen click POI Group / Create public group (or Create private group). If you already have groups, you can navigate to the list of groups (in the top menu choose POI Groups and create a new group by clicking to New Group of POIs.