How to get started

Preparation and setup

  • Create an account at Sign up and confirm the verification email that you will receive.
  • Install the application to your mobile or tablet from Google Play
  • In the mobile application go to Menu - Sign in, enter your login details. This step connects the mobile to the web application.

Creating a new POI on the web

  • If you are already logged into the web application, you can create a new POI.
  • Click the "New POI" button.
  • First of all, determine the POI location. Type the address, GPS cooordinates or a link from other mapping applications (eg. Google maps) into the "smart search box" . In oder to specify the exact position of the point click into the map window (or drag the marker).
  • On the left side fill in other data such as POI name, description, URL etc.
  • Click "Save" to save the POI.

Sending of a POI to phone navigation.

  • Run the POI pocket application on your phone. Sign in if you are not logged into your account yet.
  • If you are already logged in, synchronization starts automatically on application startup - indicated by a rotating wheel in the upper bar. Synchronization can also be run manually at any time from the menu. POIs from web application should show up in your mobile after synchronization.
  • Click on the POI that you are interested in and the detailed info together with a preview map will be displayed.
  • Click the "Share" button in the upper bar and select the map application (navigation) to which you want to send the POI. Note that each map application (navigation) is different. Some may not understand the default Sharing type (supported Android applications), in this case try the option in Menu - Other sharing.