Publishing a POI

POIs are only available when working in your account. If you set up a POI to be public, however, it will become available on a special web address for everybody who knows this adress. You can easily send your friends a link to such POIs by email or SMS. It is also possible to share several POIs with a single link.

If you receive a public URL for somebody else's POI, you can view it on the web or mobile app. If logged in, you can immediately save it as your own POI.

Example of a published POI

We camp here:

The itinerary of the trip is here:

How to publish POIs

Publishing can be accomplished for any POI by selection this feature in the POI detail window Menu - More - Publish POI, or during POI editing by checking/unchecking Publish POI.

To cancel the public sharing, uncheck the entries in editing. The public address will become invalid.

If you check more then one POI in the list, you can publish all at once in Menu - More - Create public group.