Mobile application - introduction

POI pocket was designed to work with POIs.

POI "Points Of Interest" are points on a map (GPS coordinates with descriptions) that you are interested in and that you want to store. It can be a place of a business meeting, destination of a tourist trip, location of parked cars, etc.

The application allows to create, display, and very easily share POIs to other applications on your phone (navigation, tourist maps, ...).

The big advantage of this app is the ability to synchronize POIs between the Web application and mobile devices. It lets you comfortably create a POI at your home PC, and facilitates easy POI-transfer to your mobile phone.

It is also possible to publish POIs. You can send a link of a POI to friends via email or SMS. Friends are now able to easily view the POI or import it into their own POI pocket application.

Read How to start using POI pocket.