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What is POI

POI "Points Of Interest" are points on the map (GPS coordinates with descriptions) that you are interesting in and that you want to store. It can be a place of business meeting, destination of tourist trip, location of parked cars, etc.

What is POI pocket

POI pocket is a web and mobile application designed for planning, sharing, and synchronization POI. The Web version allows convenient planning and working with POI on the "big computer". With the mobile app you have your POI always with you. Points on your mobile or tablet you can easily view and mainly forward them to your car navigation (Tomtom, Sygic, BeOnRoad, ...) or mapping applications (Google Maps, Locus maps, Orux ...).

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Plan on a computer


  • Easy creation of new POI, smart location search (based on GPS coordinates, address, URL to various mapping applications....).
  • Easy forwarding POI to many web mapping applications. The ability to send more than one POI at one time - route planning.
  • Public sharing of POI or POI groups - send POI to anyone via short URL link.
  • Export POI to various data format (GPX, KML,...).
  • Synchronizing with any number of mobile devices.
  • Add-ons of web browsers for even easier creating POI - simply by marking text.

Travel with mobile


  • Synchronizing with web applications, the ability to work offline.
  • Browsing information about POI.
  • Easy forwarding POI to other mobile applications (car navigation, mapping applications,...).
  • Quickly create POI from your current location.
  • Public sharing POI - send POI to anyone via email or SMS.
  • Support for tablets and mobile phones - various layout of forms.

Other extensions

desktop Add-on of your browser Chrome Firefox Opera

Extension allows you to quickly create new points from any page. Select the text in menu (address, GPS coordinates, ...), right-click and choose "Create POI".

Android applications

The following applications work well together with the system POI pocket.

Car navigations

GPS Navigation & Map by Aponia
Aponia Software, s.r.o.
Price: Free

Price: Free
Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps
Price: Free

TomTom International BV
Price: Free
Waze Navigation & Live Traffic
Price: Free
HERE WeGo: Maps & Navigation
Price: Free

Direct Cursus Computer Systems Trading LLC
Price: Free

Trimble MAPS Ltd.
Price: Free
Magic Earth Navigation & Maps
General Magic
Price: Free

Tourist maps and other maps

Locus Map 4 Outdoor Navigation
Asamm Software, s. r. o.
Price: Free

Google LLC
Price: Free

Google LLC
Price: Free
MAPS.ME: Offline maps GPS Nav
Price: Free navigation & off maps, a.s.
Price: Free
OsmAnd — Maps & GPS Offline
Price: Free
AlpineQuest Explorer Lite
Price: Free

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